Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Can Steampunk be Feminine?

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Happy Tuesday to you all!!!

It may come as a bit of a relief after my last two "novellas" of posts this one is going to be short and sweet- or atleast shorter and sweet!

Steampunk is so on trend at the moment in papercrafting, jewellery and other areas of crafting...  and Papermania have launched their own fabulous steampunk range called "Chronology" - I've worked with other Steampunk ranges in the past but the thing that appeals to me about this one is that the papers and toppers are full of colour, incorporating tones that really enhance each other when combined...

(if you'd like to see a couple of other Chronology designs then do hop over to my facebook page, Becky James where I have posted a couple of designs in recent days.)

Often there is a preconceived idea of what a steampunk project will look like but the metal embellishments in the Chronology collection are lovely just for adding something a little different to any design...

So the answer is



In today's post I would like to share this vintage themed card which I have created with one of my girlfriends in mind...

This card is packed full of texture and non-traditional papercrafting stash... from the polka-dot embossed cardblank to the frayed self adhesive Vintage Notes fabric paper, Capsule Collection satin ribbons and baker's twine to the die cut felt blooms and crocheted felt flowers...

But when I had added all these elements to the project I knew it needed something else... with its vintage theme the scroll work clock hands and the metal gear added that perfect finish touch!!!  I was delighted with the result!

So don't forget that these fabulous and unusual accents aren't just for a fully fantastical steampunk effect but are the perfect addition to your totally feminine vintage papercrafts aswell!!

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  1. That's lovely Becky - such pretty colours for steampunk but it definitely works x

  2. Gorgeous as always Becky! I was only thinking a couple days ago how to make Steampunk feminine. I wanted to do this for my demo on Saturday so will share mine with you later this week. xx


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