Monday, 14 January 2013

From one extreme to another!!!

Hi everyone!

I hope you are well tonight.  We are still free of snow here - though friends close by have seen some sprinkles!  If you are covered with snow then please do stay safe!

Well, "From one extreme to another"  - what do I mean by that?  As you know I am a rather chatty little being (getting littler as we speak due to following WeightWatchers!)...

But tonight I really do have to be quick... I don't tend to forward schedule posts as I find that what I want to write changes and I can react to things that are happening through out my day...  And tonight I am reacting to a rather busy evening ahead!

I have spent today rather excitedly designing and putting together projects to record videos with our lovely Katy and Emma at head office on Thursday... I am so looking forward to it... It's such good fun and being infront of the cameras really isn't as scarey as you may think!  It's what I'm going to be working on over the next few days... getting all those "projects with a twist" finished and prepped... I have to make sure everything is ready and sorted into step by steps so that I can get in there and make sure its all ready to go. It's the equivalent of my kiddies comfort blanket!

So tonight its a quick share of a project that I demonstrated on Saturday.  Though the Chronology range is full of Industriana and fantastical inventions, whenever I see the old fashioned bicycle I just have to dress it for a girl!  It reminds me of country lanes, wildflower blooms, sunny summer evenings and Flake adverts from the 1970s (Must stop that train of thought RIGHT NOW - not good for counting the calories!)

And this was the finished result - all dressed up with some Vintage Notes lace and flowers and, yes some metal accents embellishments... I LUUURRRRVVVVEEEE this range!! So don't forget to hop over to the Docrafts website to find your local stockist!


I had so much fun creating this and it was one of those projects where things just fell into place straight away!  I think its perfects for girls of any age!

If you love the Chronology range then pick up your copy of Creativity magazine and head to pages 22 to 27 for more inspiration from the super talented Beckie Dreyer and Docrafts very own Angelo Sturt... These projects certainly have the "WOW" factor!!!!

Well that's it for tonight - I'll see you all again tomorrow
Take care



  1. I love this style of card, especially when it has that feminine touch. Beautiful colours and texture.

    Claire x

  2. Gorgeous card Becky...I especially love the little clock embellishment chick. xxx

  3. I love this! Great vintagey feel to it!
    Dawn xx

  4. Gorgeous card, love the images xx

  5. This is fabulous Rebecca. Love all of the design and detail.

  6. Gorgeous vintage card. Love the colours and layout.

  7. Fab card - I've just ordered the chronology papers so looking forward to using them! Will follow ur blog too! x


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