Saturday, 12 January 2013

Now its like this...

There's a tale behind this one!

Well ok, yes this is a tale to tell with today's project but the thing is everytime I've started to write my blog post this week I have wanted to start with this phrase and as tonight is my last post of my first week of blogging - I thought "What the hell just do it!"

On the subject of tales, never been good at english type thingies so I'll never write the novel I dreamt of as a child but this blogging lark seems to be becoming a real addiction - I'm finding myself thinking about it alot of the time as the day passes... what subject can I write about today?  Who can I link the blog through to so I can share everything I love crafty and non crafty with you?  Which of my marvellously talented friends can I ask to write a guest post for me so that I can introduce you to them and maybe set you off on a whole other creative journey? 

Anyway, in case you missed it today is a Saturday and generally that means I'm out and about along the Central South Coast demonstrating for Docrafts - and the projects I make are those that I tend to share during the week.

Today I was at the Market Gallery in Southampton - little bit chilly but nothing that couldn't be dealt with without a thermal under garment and fingerless gloves - the latter of which were on and off, on and off because it isn't easy to deal with glue with them on... but inbetween times they are very useful for keeping blood flowing to the old pingies..... pingies not Pingus (I'm not in the habit of having penguins with me at my demos though in the colder climes of my winter demos they would probably be perfectly at home!). I find red stuff in the fingers is extremely useful when I am demonstrating - it helps them work more effectively... Of course I mean blood not red wine.... but now I come to mention it.... hmmmmmm....

Now at every demo I tend to create new designs - many of the ladies I see several times around and about at different venues and I like to show them something different each time. There is another reason for this thought - I believe I produce the best of my creations when I am designing off the cuff not when I am producing the same designs week in week out. It's challenging thinking of new things all the time but I don't think that's a bad thing - it means my creativity is constantly being exercised and I'm always learning something new, discovering a new layout I like etc etc... You get the picture.  And in all honesty I've never been great with routine - I hate too close  abrief when designing as I feel stifled and I do often set off on one path with a project and find I've walked down a completely different one when I get to the end.

And so was the journey today with the card I am sharing...  now this was the last card of the day and I knew I wanted to use the Semi circular scalloped yellow Capsule Collection designer die cut from Papermania on the polka dot blue paper of the same range so that it looked like the rising sun...  It was going to be a flowery design - Capsule Big Bloomers, die cut felt flowers, buttons... the works and so I set off.. Sun and sky in place, row of blue ribbon at the base of the sun to cover the join and flowers to the right side of said yellow ball in the sky.

If you look down you'll notice something...  It looks nothing like that...  Oh no, every which way I put those flowers they didn't look right to me and for some reason a song was playing inside my head and I just couldn't get it out of my head - I should add "songs" to my list of what inspires me... That song had taken up residence and was not leaving home!  In fact I treated my audience to an incredibly out of tune rendition of it as once it was in my brain it wanted to get out of it...  It hasn't escaped yet because as I type this it is still there running around trying to escape the maze up there!

Anyway, the flowers were thrown to one side and what did I espy?... Xcut Build A Scene Hot air balloon dies... The vintage ballons were a little too intricate for what I was after but the round balloon (which for the large vintage balloon sits underneath all the strings you can add over the top - think Phileas Fogg and Around the World in 80 days) was PERFECT!!! So he was cut in stripey paper and placed to the left of the card... back went the flowers and off they were thrown again...  Just not right...

I wasn't happy with the blue ribbon on its own so I layered on to new Papermania Capsule striped patterned craft tape - yummmmm - liking that so that stays in place... we are making progress here...

Ok lets stick the balloon down... but no I'm just not certain so not yet... move it to the right, add a couple of die cut seagulls (also fro the Xcut Build A Scene die set)... back come the flowers to the left hand side this time... Nope, throw them off yet again.(you'd have thought I'd learnt by this point)...

Look at it for a short time again.... now you see my natural style is very full and layered... and there just isn't enough texture and dimension.... Could I just try... no surely it wouldn't be right... oh go on then lets add a strip of Papermania Vintage notes lace ribbon just over the patterned craft tape, it won't work but lets try it - I always try it because that think you know won't work so frequently does - OOOOOHHHHHHH YEEEESSSSS Now we are getting there... stick it down quick before I change my mind.... and stick the balloon down too...

And now I've got the whole left hand side of the card empty but what will my sentiment be... it can't be the title of that song I'm now humming incessantly - or atleast in between my patter-chatter with my ladies... but of course it can, why can't it, can't a project say anything you want it to???  So I added that with new Vintage Notes Alphabet transfers... Just a little craft tape, a few gems and some polka dot mini buttons later and its done... 

And that is how I create!  So there was a tale to the card in the end - a tale of how my creative mind works - and I hope you will think the project was worth all that effort!

I've loved every minute of writing this blog this week and I am so pleased that so many of you have joined me. I feel honoured and privileged that you would take a little out of your own precious time to read my musings on craft and life in general.  Thank you so much for so many of your lovely comments aand for following me. I will be visiting your blogs as well over the next few days to see what you are up to.
If you have liked what you have seen this week - I'm sure there is more of it to come in the days and weeks ahead.
I'd like to dedicate this card to you all and invite you to "Come Fly with Me" on this little journey (though not literally fly - see my post "To Scrap or not to Scrap" for more on that one!)
I'm heading off now for tonight but I will be back again tomorrow!
Night Night


  1. lovely card, I love the little buttons along the bottom x

  2. I love your blog post! And I love your card... I often can't make my mind up how to add things to my cards, so add things and take them away too.. lol. Creative minds think alike I guess. But no way is mine as creative as yours.

    Love that you're blogging too - well done on keeping it up!
    Jo xx

  3. I love your blog post! And I love your card... I often can't make my mind up how to add things to my cards, so add things and take them away too.. lol. Creative minds think alike I guess. But no way is mine as creative as yours.

    Love that you're blogging too - well done on keeping it up!
    Jo xx

  4. Hi Becky

    Loved reading your blog, very amusing, couldn't wait to see what your card looked like in the's are so clever.

    I've not really got into this blogging thing, but like reading & seeing other peoples' crafty creations.

    Anne-Marie xx

  5. Hi Becky I enjoyed reading about your day - Your card is fabulous, I love it. We will have to meet up one day for a coffee and crafty chat. Think I am going to to have get the build a scence dies now. Claire xxx

  6. A fabulous card, love the design and thanks for the tale of how it came about

  7. Lovely card Becky. A nice, summery, colourful scene is just what's needed at this time of year.

  8. Ow what a sweet card and fab story. xxx

  9. This has been really interesting to read! Do keep it up!
    and I love your card - well worth all the effort!

  10. I'm like you, i don't really plan, i just go with the flow :)


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