Thursday, 10 January 2013

OOOOOooooooo I do lurve a few beads!!!

Hellooooooo... and a very good evening for you.. I hope you have all had a good day.

Now much as I would love to chit-chat tonight I hope you will excuse me if I stick to a short post as I am working...  I've been playing with some exciting new products today, ready to show you in March and battling with painting a very troublesome little bear so tonight I am working on writing some clear instructions for you all for the next CREATIVITY! magazine....

I do have lots of posts planned for you for coming days covering lots of different subjects... The thing I'm finding is I start off the morning thinking about what I'm going to blog about that evening but by the end of the day something happens, I work with a gorgeous product I wasn't expecting to or I have a conversation with someone and that's it I'm off on a completely different tack...  I really would love to know if that happens to any of you other bloggers out there! But I like that unexpectedness of it all...

So what happened today then?  Well I had planned a post about fabric and textiles in papercrafting but I want a little bit more information about something before I carry on with this theme so I hope to fit that in in a couple of days... However, I noticed a facebook question from my friend and Docrafts jewellery making queen, Debbie Kershaw, asking what our favourite jewellery making colours are.  My response was:

"Ok, an eclectic mix - copper,bronze, silver, teal, sage and olive greens, smokey colours, pearlescents in neutral shades, dusky pinks (not candy pinks) also like a bit of crystal in all sorts of colours xx"

Now let's face it, the likelihood is if you were to ask me this again this time next week you would get a different answer but I thought about what I have been designing recently and I tend to go with colours I like at the time.  

It brought to mind the project I am going to share... when I'm demonstrating jewellery I often stick to fairly simple designs because the ladies I tend to meet are beginners but this is the sort of piece I would wear myself to dress up a little black dress probably with a matching chocker..

I designed this for a demonstration at  Pickwell Farm last December. I love these colours and the t-bar clasp is so beautifully decorative... in fact I would probably use something similar on a papercrafting project as a closure (Yup I can cross my crafts like the best of them!)

Hope you like this one - if so why not pop along to your local Docrafts stockist and treat yourself to some of these beautiful beads and findings from Cousin...

Well I will say tatty bye for tonight and look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow
Sleep Well


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