Saturday, 19 January 2013

Travels of an Abominable Snow-woman demonstrator...

Hellooooooo everyone!

Well I do hope you are all warm and well!!!

Now, I have something to share with you today.... but this is on the absolute promise that it stays between you and I and goes no further.... Do you promise????  Sure????  Ok then, I'll continue...

Firstly, I'm going to share with you a project I designed today.  It is an idea I have had for a short while - you know the kind that floats around for a while and then all of the sudden the time comes when you just HAVE to make it! 

This design uses the little taxi cab die from the latest Xcut die Build A Scene "London" dies... to make the soft top cars just chop off the top of the rooves! The stamp is one of the free designs from the January/ February Creativity magazine (so go and get your copy now if you haven't already) and gorgeous Papermania Capsule Spots and Stripes papers, ribbons and Baker's Twine... I just can't get enough of this range - it goes with ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!

It really is such a simple design but great fun!!!!

So today I did manage to get to my demo, despite rather slippery roads... admittedly the journey there was somewhat better than the journey back... but this morning I decided that as my local Range store where I was demonstrating is notoriously chilly in the middle of winter I would dress in several layers safe in the knowledge that as I warmed up I could remove a layer if necessary.  So I started off with 3 tops, two pairs of socks, a thermal hat and a scarf on with a few other accessories with me in case of need...  

My rather Michelin-man style attire is what lead me to announce on my facebook page, Becky James, that the Abominable Snow-woman Demonstrator had safely arrived at her destination.... And as a result a request was made by my lovely fellow demonstrator and friend,Docrafts Create and Craft Superstar Jo Austin to see a picture.... And here is where my absolute embarrassment begins for tonight.... So Jo - I'm blaming you for this one, my friend!

Now, I must stand up for myself at this point... I do not normally look this bad...  In fact our fabby Emma Collins very graciously commented when we were recording Creativity TV earlier this week I do scrub up well!!! 

So what you need to bear in mind is that by the end of the day far from getting warmer it was a tad bit chillier and the afore mentioned items of clothing had not diminished at all - but had infact increased by a rather large fleece, pair of gloves and a hot water bottle....  So now you all know what I looked like six months ago before I lost two stone in weight...  Actually, I think I look like I had put on three stone in a matter of hours...

Ok, here we go - just so that you know should you ever come across one this is what a lesser spotted Abominable Snow-woman Docrafts demonstrator looks like... SCAREY EH???? 

But please don't panic... should you come into contact with this member of the species do not be alarmed!!! Under all that padding a very bubbly, fun loving much thinner female can be found!!!

I should just add that this the best of a VERY bad bunch of photographs!!!

Anyway, I'd love to know what you think of tonight's project and if it is something you'd have a go at yourself...

I have to wait to see what our roads are like tomorrow to guage what I will be doing where... so stay safe everyone and enjoy the rest of your evening!

Tatty bye for now


  1. Great card - I so want to get my hands on those build a scene dies! This would be great for so many occasions and a brilliant one for the lads! Helen xx

  2. Love your card!!! Never thought of doing that :-)

  3. Oh Becky... full blame accepted. You look totally gorgeous girl! Padded up or not, you are always amazing to me!

    So honoured to be called your friend.
    Stay safe for whatever, or wherever, your doing or going tomorrow.

    speak soon darlin. xxxx

  4. I love your card with the coloured cars - its real clever xx

  5. Fabulous card and I too love the spots and stripes. Great photo and needs must when it is so cold to wear lots of layers. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am a new follower too :)

    Linda xxx

  6. I love this card, it's so very effective and such a great idea. And, I know just the person it would suit....might have to nick the idea xx

  7. Love this card, any little or big bot would love to get this card x

  8. Fabulous card Becky...I love it hun xx

  9. Such a cute card and great thinking out of the box to cut off the tops of the cars to create the soft top ones. The colors and design all scream fun!. I can totally relate to feeling/looking like the Abominable Snow-woman, but without the snow here. I hate the cold. Its best to dress warmly then to end up sick and not be able do demo which is obviously something you love. xx

  10. This is fantastic... Great design and love the coloured cars x

  11. Great project & a fabby photo!
    Dawn xx

  12. What a clever idea to make the cars convertibles, genius! I agree the spots/stripes is so useful to go with everything and such great colours. Ah bless the abominable snow-woman, I'm sure the store and customers were very grateful that you made it to them and you had a fab day. X


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