Sunday, 6 January 2013

Well here goes!

One of my New Year's resolutions was to stop procrastinating and get on and set up my blog.... so here we are, seven days into the new year and I can tick this one off the rather extensive and ever growing list of aims and goals for this year...  I think that's good going myself!

Its odd sitting here with just my laptop and anticipation of where this little journey is going to take me... I'm not certain what I will write or what I will be sharing right at the moment - I do have an idea of where the path is leading but I have spent so much time getting bogged down in the tiny details that I've lost sight of the fact that I just need to get on and do it, so here I m taking the step into the unknown!!! It may not be super whizzy or look particularly pretty but it's mine, it's a start and I'm excited by the possibilities and what I'm going to learn in the future!

In the main this blog will be about my crafting life - I have the most amazing job that I truly love within the crafting industry.  I meet so many amazing people and I feel very honoured that they let me teach and inspire them. I hope that this blog will continue to provide all those things and hopefully more...  Added to all my crafting exploits will be other snippets of my daily life - after all I'm a crafter 95% of the time but there are other things that really make me tick and I'll be chatting about those too - I hope that you enjoy that - I'd love to hear what you think!!!

Over the past year I have met so many amazing, talented and inspirational people in many fields of life and I can't wait to introduce them to you...  I've got some lovely people lined up to write some guest posts for me - including some great new talents that I know you will love...

I wasn't really sure where to start today so I thought I would take a leaf out of the book of a lovely lady, friend and colleague Emma Collins - Emma is a really inspirational lady, mom to two lovely girls with a third on the way and not only does she manage the Docrafts Creativity Club but runs her own succesful PR business, Emma Collins PR. She started this year posting what her goals and new year's resoultions were - what a fabulous place to start I thought - after all if I share them with you now, they are crystallised and well I have to give them a go so here goes - I'm not certain they are all resolutions more goals and aims:

1.  To start stepping out my comfort zone more often

2. To find more time to be able to create new projects, experiment and challenge my creative boundaries.

3. To lose my last stone and a half

4. To read more and more widely

5. To gain more control and organisation in my life. To clarify my direction. 

6. To get back to growing our own veggies again

7. To learn more about photography and to learn to crochet

8. To encourage and nurture others

9. To learn more skills to allow me to get the presentation of this blog just as I want it

10. To be more adventurous

11. To control my health and not let it control me

12. To work with some increcibly talented people to spread their word too

Oh yes... And I have a dream - I want to write a craft book, actually I have ideas for a series of them. Last year I was looking at doing this but circumstances didn't allow so I must revisit this...

So I guess that must be enough for a first post... I hope you will join me again soon and I'm going to leave you by making a start on two more of those resolutions...

Firstly please please do visit my new friend Katie Skilton's website - she launched it today and it looks absolutely stunning. 2013 is going to be an exciting and succesful for time for this talented lady... Her clean style is so eyecatching and being a designer whose style is very different I have to say I am a tad envious...  You'll be able to visit by clicking here.

And now for a little inspiration of my own...  by my standards this card is pretty uncluttered as I wanted the "star of the show" to be the gorgeous new Country Companions frog stamp from Docrafts... this was a quick card I designed at my demonstration at Emerald Crafts and I have to say I do so love this cute little man...

Isn't he just the perfect way to tell someone they are special???

So that's it for my first post - it's been an education. In a couple of wee small hours I've learnt a fair bit - there is loads more to learn but these first baby footsteps into the world of blogging have taught me so much already!

Lets chat again soon