Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A very good day!!!

Well hello everyone,

I have emerged from my craft room to pop a little post and project on here for you all...

I know many of you have had snow again today BBBRRRRRRRRRR!!!  I have to say today has been a lovely day down here - lots of sunshine, though I've just stood outside chatting to my lovely Avon lady and boy is it chilly.... ok not chilly COLD!!!

But I love fresh, crisp days and it has perked me up today to get on with jobs and tick off a few entries on the old to do list... I'm also over at Docrafts head office for the next two days - days I absolutely love - so my bags are now all packed ready for the early morning.

One thing I am so lucky about with my craft room is that it is a revamped garage and when it was converted some fabulous roof lights were put in to grab as much light as possible so on a day like today I love to be in there... its like my own personal little sun trap and very very warm... Don't need much central heating in there I can tell you!!!

Funny though, I also like being in there when it is raining - I love listening to the drops drumming on the windows and it makes me feel glad to be tucked up in my cosey little home.

Well today I have some news for you which has just made my day immensely!!!

The first is I am so very very proud to announce that I am back on the

To find out more about the Docrafts Creativity Club please click here.  It is a wonderful club and community with so many exciting reasons to be a member and best of all


I absolutely love designing for this team and being part of the team filming episodes for Creativity TV.

Go on give it a go - you know you want to!!!

I'm also delighted to announce that today my facebook page, Becky James, broke through the 150 followers barrier so I will be giving away those yummy prizes I posted about a short while back!!!

And finally for today, I have been back in my archives to share today's project with you!!!

This card was one I designed for a demo last year... It used the Boofle Scrumptious Card Kit as its starting point.  I did add a few little extra bits but the cards and loads of the embellishments and images were in there!

Hope you enjoy today's cute little creation and if you see one of these jam-packed kits pick it up - it is so full of yumminess and perfect for when you need a "Boofle" card (excuse the pun) in! a jiffy!

Take care until tomorrow when I have some more exciting news to share with you



  1. Well done Becky I am sure you will be making some wonderful projects for the Creativity Design Team - Love the boofle card. xx

  2. Hi Becky, I love this mega cute Boofle card....he's gorgeous and I also love all of your finishing touches too hun.
    Hugz, Lorraine xx

  3. fabulous news o the DT post Rebecca, I am a member of the Creativity club, especially love the free downloads! Cute little card too x

  4. Stunning layout and love the images. I also love the shape of your card. x

  5. Wow, you must be on a roll! Congrats on mking the team again & for reacing the 150 followers! What's next????
    Dawn xx

  6. Hi Becky... lovely card, and great to know you have a fab room to craft in.. Don't forget to share photos of your crafty space.

    So pleased for you being on the DT. Didn't want to put myself forward and get rejected again.. lol.. but so pleased you've made it.

    Have fun creating. x


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