Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Classic Christmas Cherubs!!!!

Try saying that quickly - a wee bit of a tongue twister I can tell you (and yes I have sat here whilst deciding on the title of this post doing just that! Those of you who know me off the page will probably not be at all surprised by this) ;0)

Well I realise it really has been a bit of a while since we last spoke but I have to confess to being a tad bit busy.... Somewhere at the beginning of August I had a holiday (seems a long way off now), my craft room has now been turned over, cleared out, revamped and re-organised (have to admit to getting a little bit caught up in and excited about all the gorgeous inks, stamps, dies and various other crafting clutter that I had forgotten I had so this took maybe a little longer than expected oops) and last week I was all caught up in one of my favourite parts of my job (designing and filming "in the studio" for docrafts tv with Katy & Rob - such a gigglesome day!)  Add In a few demos in my spare time and I hope that you will forgive me in not being in touch sooner.  

I  do promise though that in amongst this I have been gathering lots of ideas for future posts - projects, techniques, behind the scenes, favourite stash - I have a little note book at home in which I been jotting down all the ideas... I've even got Mr J heading up into the loft to hunt down the proper tripod so I can set up better pictures for steps using my camera and remote control... It's all new to me but will certainly be great fun learning how to acheive better results....

Anyway before I go off on a tangent I have been demonstrating the past weekend with all the new gorgeous Docrafts Papermania ranges.  It's no secret that I am a lover of all things vintage and I love the bygone feel and collage style of the Victorian Christmas collection.  The images remind me of Victorian "scraps" when I was a little girl.  I used to cut them out to stick inside my scrapbook (you know the big ones - bigger than me if I remember rightly- that were made from sugar paper and filled with drawings and paper and magazine cuttings) or to adorn the front of exercise books and boxes as gifts for my mom and nans. 

As not just a cardmaker but also an altered artist, home decor designer and mixed media lover I love how I can chop into the gorgeous ephemera and pull out beautiful artwork, icons and decorations to decorate all my festive projects... Every time you inspect the papers and die cut packs I can promise you you will find something new to delight in and you will find a purpose for every inch of this collection. Not a scrap will go to waste.

Today I'm sharing this cheeky cherub festive card I made at my demonstration on Sunday.  It isn't evident on the main picture but a tiny spritz and flick of Artiste Gold Spritz ink really adds a touch of magic to the collage style background paper - it only needs a hint of the pearlescent pigment and don't forget to let the paper dry thoroughly before attaching it to your projects.  

If you love this stunning collection too hop over and watch the video we have for you in the Docrafts TV archive where we make a detailed decorative Christmas gift planner. Apparently my West Midlands accent comes to the fore a little when I get excited and I do tend to get excited when I'm crafting so do try to ignore that ;0) 

I would love to know what you think of these projects and I hope they inspire you to have a go at similar projects yourself.

I'll be back soon with more gossip from my little world soon
Until then look after yourself and tatty bye for now

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