Monday, 21 January 2013

Being Ruthless....

Well, hello everyone and welcome to tonight's little blog post!!!

So what's this all about... well today, tomorrow and Friday I have "ruthless" time booked into my diary... 

I'm not a very ruthless person if truth be told... in fact let's be frank here, I'm as ruthless as a chocolate bunny (which reminds me Mr J arrived home with a Malteaster Bunny as a treat tonight!) but I've got to the point where I have to be... 

You see this week the straw finally broke along with the camel's back... I wanted desperately to do some creating today and I couldn't...  My craft room looks like a bomb has hit it and I have finally admitted I have way way WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY to much craft stuff...  Of ourse I already knew this... I just didn't want to admit it!

Have you ever looked at your craft stash and wondered where on earth are you going to start with it all because you really have no idea what is there, vaguely recollect something you thought you had but have no idea where to find it or looked around yourself and can't create because there is just TOO much there to create with and you have all this old stuff giving you "Creative" block when all you want to do is get that luscious new kit out and get making...  I almost feel guilty that in getting rid I am wasting - I hate waste you see, it's my crafters curse... and of course it is what has got me into this mess, both figuratively and literally! 

This morning i woke up and felt stifled and so it had to happen - my room had to be cleared...

You know I'm in such a lucky position - I have so many beautiful things at my fingertips but I am inwardly a very organised person... its just that outwardly that isn't always evident... that inner "neat-freak" has battled its way out.... Its time to rationalise, cull the old, don't bring in anymore new... atleast not for a while!

So I've dug deep and I've put it in the diary and I am seriously seriously clearing out...  I did clear out a few months ago but clearly not enough so we are starting again...

I have a few "homes" that love my clear outs so I hope they are ready for everything coming their way and I love that satisfaction of knowing things won't go to waste but will be used by people who will appreciate them...

So "Ruthless Rebecca" - my rarely seen alter ego - is currently let loose and with this in mind I'm heading straight back into craft room!!!

But before I go I want to show this Chronology project to you:

I loved the opportunity to go full on with the embellishments with this one and really really urge you to get hold of the latest Xcut cogs and pocket watch dies - they are SO versatile and each die set has a MASS of individual dies in it - Value for Money?  Must have crafting stash?  I THINK SO!!!

Well, my little craft haven awaits - at least it will be when I can finally see the floor and works surfaces again...

I'd love to know whether you're in need of a crafty spring clean!

Take care and I'll be back with more crafty news tomorrow!



  1. Good Luck with the clear out! I did mine between Christmas & New Year & things are much more organised & I gave the stuff to a charitable cause which make it even better!
    Dawn xx

  2. Great reading, well I had a good clear out (spring clean) a couple of weeks ago and feel so much better. Lots of my old crafty stash which I bought and have never used (nor will I) have all gone to good crafty homes. Good luck with clearing your crafty haven.


  3. I know exactly what you mean by having too much stash, I had a clear out last week, but it would appear it didn't even touch the sides!!! Another one will be on the agenda pretty soon! This is a brilliant card, I love the chronology range x

  4. A fantastic card Becky . I think all us crafters have the same trouble ....I have far to much stuff and hen i get round to having a sort out i also find things i forgot i had !!! glad you got it sorted and was able to get crafting again xxx

  5. Hi Becky, Good luck with your crafty clearout It's so hard for us crafters to do isn't it hun....I love this card and you're right those cogs are fab chick.
    Hugz, Lorraine xx

  6. A great chronology card, I love how you used the base of the watch die and added a metal face/hand, fab idea! X

  7. Well done on being ruthless. I could do with that ruthlessness myself, but I cling to my stash with a vengeance, occasionally parting with stuff for good causes. I do love your card and I am tempted to get these dies too - maybe I should part with something first?
    I am now following you - maybe you would like to reciprocate and follow me too?

  8. O this is fantastic love all the cogs, image is fab, i feel for you having to De clutter craft room i had do it. have fun. xxxx


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