Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Thinking forward and looking back..

I really don't know where today has gone, dear readers!

I had so much planned for today (aswell as that craft room clear out, which I think could be on going for a while! And that's even going through it all quickly and going on gut reaction as to whether to keep or not - I've filled two boxes already today and I'm probably only about an 1/8th through the room!)... This included writing my blog post earlier on in the day so that when my darling hubby walked through the door after his meal out with work I would be ready to just sit down and relax and watch the TV and enjoy a bit of us time....

Did that happen???? NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO of course not - I got so engrossed in my stash-chopping that when he arrived home at half eight not only had I not written my blog, eaten my tea or cleared away the items to stay and boxed up the piles to go and now at 10pm I am only just sitting down to write tonight's post...Whooooooooops!!!!

So tonight I'm hopping on and hopping off...

The one thing about being engrossed in a job that requires little grey cell activity is that your mind can wonder off on other things so I've been thinking forward to what the design might be this year for Mr J's Valentine's day card... And that has got me looking back at my archive's for a little romantic inspiration.

In November and December we were demonstrating the gorgeous Me To You "With Love" range and I designed this project at one of my December demonstrations.  Mr J has a thing about finding cards with filled with hugs, often accompanied with phrases like "I love you THHHIIIISSSSS much!" so this little bear reminds me of him...  Bit of a huggle-bunny is my bestest boy!

Well, I must dash as it's an early morning for work tomorrow but have you started thinking about your Valentine's day cards yet?

Tatty bye and sleep well
Speak Very Soon



  1. Night Becky! The best laid plans huh!
    Night night!
    Dawn xx

  2. This is a gorgeous card. I have been working with these papers today! You sound like you are really being good and having a mega clear out of the craft room! Go You!! xxx

  3. A cute little Valetine's card, good luck with the rest of your sort out

  4. Hi Becky, This is a gorgeous card I just love this super cute Me To You image he's such a sweetie.
    Hugz, Lorraine xx

  5. you have had one of those day, hope today went better. I love your Tatty Ted card x

  6. This is beautiful , what a wonderful design.
    Hugs Caroline xx

  7. A gorgeous card. Super sweet image and great layout. A truly scrumptious Valentine card.


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