Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wednesdays and Thursdays

Hi Everyone - how are you this rather chilly day?  I know there has been even more snow fluttering down around the country so I hope you haven't been too much affected...

Now, before I go any further with today's post I just need to say a huge big thank you and welcome to my new followers - I just noticed we are growing by the day...

You may not realise it but I think I might just have one of the best jobs in the world so generally I kind of get a little bit excited on a Wednesday and Thursday each week...

Why? Well those are the two days that I work at Docrafts HO designing new and exciting projects ready for the website, magazine and Creativity Club... Fun way to spend your working day?  Ooooooohhhhhhh yes!

I really can't ask for more in a job - I get to work with fabulous people who love crafting as much as I do and I have to say sometimes I get a little over-enthusiastic when I'm working with stunning new ranges that you'll all be seeing in coming months.  I've been doing exactly that today with something I have just fallen SOOOOOO head over heals in love with... And I have been working on a very special project using it...  I'll be finishing off that project tomorrow and I have ideas running amock up in my little brain!

Of course, one of the privileges of my job is that I have big secrets locked away and it can be such a trial not to just burst and spoil the surprise!!!  But then I guess it goes with the territory... and it also means that I can't give you a sneaky little peak at what I've been working on today...  Sadly...

But just as soon as I can I will I promise...

What I can tell you about is the other reason I just love Wednesday's and Thursday's... They are my coffee date nights with Mr J.  Well, he tells me the only way he can get me to sit down and have a little me time having a read and relax as I am little bit of a workaholic...

There is a crafty theme to these dates because I usually have a creatively-orientated book or magazine with me to read and N has his ipad. We sit in our chosen coffee house for an hour or so just sitting, enjoying our coffee and reading/surfing ... any onlookers may think that we appear completely antisocial but the truth is we are just so comfortable sat together, enjoying some downtime and just showing and telling anything we find that is interesting in our respective reading materials.. it really is chill time that I look forward to each and every week!

Today I completely forgot to tuck something to read into my bag for when I met N after our individual work days... Starbucks Skinny Spiced Vanilla Latte with whipped cream was today's choice of beverage (What's that all about you ask - surely the cream defeats the purpose of the skinny - but I do just love scooping the cinammon and chocolate sprinkled white fluff off the top and savouring it before it sinks into the milky depths beneath) but I thought I would be sat people watching for the evening (which I also rather enjoy!)... But no, Mr J had a surprise for me, bless his heart...

Out of his work bag escaped the latest issue of one of my favourite magazines which up until now I had been unable to track down...  Just how sweet was that?

So I spent my chilling time gathering together many ideas and techniques that intrigued me and turning over page corners of layouts that I may like to try... Yes, you read that right, scrapbook layouts I may use as inspiration for my own pages...  Move over scrapbook girlies - here I come!!!!

I feel truly relaxed and inspired in equal measures after my coffee date with Mr J tonight and I can't wait for a crafty chat over coffee tomorrow night with our lovely Beckie Dreyer, scrapbook queen and all round seriously talented papercrafter extraordinaire... She is down south for filming and we can't miss the opportunity for a little catching up after work... with so many of our fabulous demonstrators at Docrafts spread all over the country any opportunity for a good old fashioned chinwag has to be grabbed...

So I will say night night for this evening and tomorrow I will find a little something to provide you with plenty of inspiration on the run up to your crafty weekend!

Take care everyone



  1. Have fun creating your new scrapbook pages and enjoy your coffee x

  2. It's good to have downtime together, and to 'just be' - enjoy your coffee time together

  3. Ah a lovely read. I sooo love the idea of a coffee date once a week. and regarding the secrets.. you lucky duck :-) SOOOO looking forward to see what you have been up too xxx

  4. Becky I love reading your blog - you are an insperation to me. I will have to come and craft at DoCrafts HQ with you, it sounds so much fun and I need that in my life as I hate my job.xx


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