Thursday, 17 January 2013

But it's not Friday, Becky!!!!

Hello Crafters!

Why is it that as I type this opening I feel like I should have have a "bing-bong" machine and a Welsh accent in a "Hi-dee-hi"-esque stylee??? (for those of you who actually are old enough to remember that programme!) 

Well, today has been huge amounts of fun recording new episodes of Creativity TV with Katy and Emma - if you want a fun day those are the girls to spend it with!!! 

I've loved filming this set of episodes because I've had the opportunity to create some projects with a twist... and if you tune in to watch them when they air shortly, you may just find that I have done something I'm not well known for...

And boy did those girls rib me about it huh????????  They both ganged up on me - what was that all about???  Thing is I think I may have found another crafting obsession... Oh dear.... Girls, you are the best!

BUT I can most categorically say I'll be doing it "Myyyyyyyyy Waaaaaayyyyyyy"!!!!!  (and please anyone reading this be very grateful that you are reading it and not actually listening to me singing it - which is what I am doing behind the keyboard!)

Anyway, as today has been all about providing inspiration I thought I'd carry on with that theme this evening by moving "Inspiration Friday" forward to tonight...  There is another reason as well - I was going to post about something I need a little extra space for tonight but I am suffering from a poorly husband who needs a little tlc (and I can in all honesty say that if my hubby says he is poorly he is poorly - no outbreaks of man-flu here!)  So tomorrow, I'll share one of my favourite recent designs but for tonight I'm going to share with you some of the many things that have inspired me this week.

Let's start with a fabulous paper-pieced bird mobile designed by Jo Firth Young.  Birds are just everywhere at the moment so this project is the height of trendiness!  I know Jo's quirky style through her work with Paperartsy and I absolutely fell in love with this as soon as I saw it!

Its not just the quirky that catches my eye, though this following project certainly is that... but I love anything that finds new life for something that has passed it's sell-by-date...  Upcycling, recycling, repurposing - what ever you call it, I love it and these lovely little posey jars have "fun" written all over them (though not literally!)  So what do you think of these?

And, finally, last week I showed you two stunning cards by the Unity Stamp design team. Tonight I would love to share another one I saw when I was searching through their facebook page - I just know you will love this one as much as you did last week's selection.

Well, that's all for tonight folks... I hope you enjoy tonight's choices as much as I enjoyed searching for them.  I'll have my beady eyes out over the next week to find more inspirational designs to kick start your creativity...

Take care everyone and let's talk tomorrow!
Stay warm and safe in the snow


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