Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Calling all Crafters!!!

Good Evening, Good Evening, Good Evening!!!!!!

Well, Its been a busy busy day and more fun than I can really describe...

I've been putting the finishing touches to a few projects and preparing the "Blue Peters" (what we call the step by steps for our videos and photography) ready to hit the studios with Katy Godbeer and Emma Collins tomorrow for a day of filming Creativity Club TV.

This has to be one of my favourite elements of the job... it really is so much fun, a REAL giggle and on a serious (well as serious as I ever get!) note, I love challenging our products to create something a little bit more unusual... 

Recently, when I've been filming Emma has been presenting on her own but tomorrow we are joined by Katy... DOUBLE THE TROUBLE!!! And double the fun... They aren't bad you know!

Anyway, I'm on a mission tonight - so, dear reader, please do leave lots of comments tonight... The reason why?

Now just because this picture shows a big mug of tea doesn't mean that drinking tea is all that we will be doing... though it is well known I like a nice cuppa to keep me going during the day!

No...We want to know what you want to know about crafting...

Do you have any crafty questions stored away that you have always wanted to ask?  Do you need advice on how use your stash?  Have you got something sitting in a corner unloved and unused that you need some inspiration to turn it from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan?

Then please do send us a question and we will pick the best and answer them in our Creativity TV episodes!
So what do you need to do?

Please leave a comment on this post before 8.30am tomorrow (Thursday 17th) with the question you're dying to ask and we will do our very best to answer them!

I'm off to catch some zzzzzz's as its an early morning for me tomorrow so nighty night one and all...

Sleep tight

PS I'll try and catch some behind the scene piccies to share with you tomorrow!

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