Monday, 28 January 2013

Gotta give stuff away!!!!

Helloooooo dear followers and readers!!!!

How are you today... I can report that James' towers has been battered by much rain and wind... but I'm not complaining because it was gorgeous sunshine yesterday and today I was all warm and tucked up in my little home!!!  I received murmurings from my mom that she had sunshine, a rainbow and hail all at once further north - what a boggling (but apparently beautiful) combination!!!!

The last week of January for me is always filled with jobs I hate doing but nevertheless must get done.... my own fault really for leaving things until the last minute.  But I've never been any different - I thrive (most of the time) under pressure.  I always revised for exams at the last minute, I design much better when deadlines are looming, and though I know I should get the nasty jobs done first I'm not great at that either - some how being up against things makes me focus much better!!

And, guess what - it's those sort of jobs that fill my week at the end of January!!!  But never mind there are only three more days to go, things are under control and two of those days I will be working hard at Docrafts head office - what's not to like eh?

I'm also looking at three little parcels won by followers of my facebook page which will be posted out as soon as January passes into February - I hope the lovely ladies who have won them will enjoy them!

Anyway,  it struck me that if you don't yet follow my facebook page or have joined recently you won't know about two fabulous prizes up for grabs on my facebook page... And for those of you who did know but had forgotten this might just act as a little reminder to follow my facebook page over at Becky James! 

So what gorgeous goodies might be winging their way to you?

Firstly one lucky reader (does that sound too much like a magazine competition???) will be winning a six month membership to the fabulous Creativity Club!!!  I absolutely love this club and the benefits are too many for me to mention in tonight's ramblings so why not click here to find out just what it is all about!!  I love designing for the club and am SOOOOOO lucky to be part of the Design Team - you really are in for a treat if you win this one!!!

And prize number two for another lucky follower is a package with your name on it full of crafty stash from all manner of fabulous companies worth £50!!! So get your peepers perusing this little picture of what you could plop through your letterbox - though probably not actually, as I think there is way too much for that to fit through!

So when is this draw taking place????

(Only 23 more needed!!!)
And what do you need to do to be in with a chance to win???
(and then follow the page)
Don't forget if you are already following my page then you are in with a shot!!!  I'd really love to hit that 150 followers as soon as possible because I want to start another bundle of candy to give away!!!
Anyway, take care lovely lovely readers and we will talk again tomorrow - when its entirely possible all the nasty jobs will be out the way (I should say I don't class the craft room clear out in this - that's a fab job!!! I'm rediscovering so much!!!)
Tatty bye until the next time


  1. Hello Becky, thank you for a chance to win your lovely goodies.. I have liked your page and am now a follower too. Lisa :)

  2. Am already a follower =) thanks for the chance
    Lindsay xx

  3. Great giveaway, been and liked, only 19 more likes :)

    Linda xxx


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