Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Well Good Evening Everyone!!!

I am SOOOOOO excited today for a few of reasons!!!

Firstly, I have just checked up on my facebook page status and there are now 135 likes on there - thank you SO MUCH to everyone who responded last night and if you don't know what I'm talking about then click here to read last night's post and find out what could be heading your way soon!!!

Secondly, as I speak the first grouting is being applied to our gorgeous natural stone tiles in our bathroom - now I appreciate to most this won't sound like thrill-city but without going into details atlast, after a very long time, hubby and I are starting make progress on this huge PROJECT of a house, turning it into our dream home, and so all these little milestones seem like huge leaps forward!!!  He has worked so hard and is making such a fabulous job of things (though I don't think he sees it that way when he comes across little frustrations that are inevitable in this kind of job)... I know though that I am very, very blessed!!!

And thirdly, well those nasty jobs that need to be done before the end of the month that I spoke of last night are almost done..... Just a little tinkering to do and we will be there!!!

Which kind of makes me think about my own crafting style... I love to "Tinker" though I am certainly no "Tinkerbell"... more of a fairy elephant here!!!! (Though in a stone and a half's time I may re-evaluate that description!!!!!! Hee hee!)

I love to mess about, put things together, remove little bits and re-place them (or replace them completely) and I often walk away for an hour from a project and come back to it with fresh eyes and then maybe re-jig or if I'm happy then get everything well secured before it makes its trip to its destination!!!

The project I'm sharing this evening is a perfect representation of this... I designed it at my demo on Saturday last weekend so I couldn't walk away for an hour and come back to it but it was a great way to show the ladies who were with me how moving things round and adding little things here and there can completely change the look....

This range showcases Papermania's new Vintage notes ranges (with a few Chronology metal accents included along the way!)

I really hope you enjoy looking at my pictures - I've added a few close-ups so you can see all the detail!!!

Well, I will disappear now as my tummy tells me its tea time!!!!

Until tomorrow night, have a fabulous evening and we'll chat again tomorrow


PS I have to say thank you once again for all the lovely comments you leave on here!!!  I really am so thrilled you are enjoying it!


  1. wow what a simply stunning card x

  2. really pretty Becky, loving how you've used the clock hands from chronology :-)

  3. Gorgeous :) Love all the intricate details and harmonious colour scheme :)

  4. Love reading your blogs, your sense of humour makes me smile after a hard day :) and your projects are wonderful, thanks xx

  5. This is lovely Rebecca. So many beautiful details to look at.
    I also seem to spend a lot of time tinkering with a project. Move things around and try different elements before I stick it all down. May explain why it takes me quite a while to finish a project lol.

  6. This is another absolutely gorgeous card Becky...I just love the layout and all of the embellishments you've used....simply stunning hun
    Hugz, Lorraine xx

  7. Lovely card and so much detail to look at! Love it.

  8. A gorgeous card, love all the layers and embellishments

  9. Another gorgeous card and I love your blog. X

  10. Stunning card such lovely detail xxxx


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