Thursday, 7 February 2013

Ideas for the weekend...

Hi Everyone once again and welcome....

Well toay is Thursdayand that means that I have been at work getting crafty with gorgeous new projects that will be coming your way in the next few months... I'm sorry that that is all I can tell you at the moment but over the fullness of time you will see it all I promise!!!

I also got to grips with our craft room at Docrafts Head Office.  "May-Magazine-Mania" will be hitting us all over the next few weeks so Katy, Emma, Sarah, myself and the rest of the head office team will be creating masterpieces to inspire you in Creativity!. So today I took the bull by the horns and made sure everything is in order so we can find what we need when we need it - it just makes all our lives easier...  And I have to say when I looked around after my little bit of spring cleaning I did feel a rush of satisfaction...  I love that feeling! 

I also LOVE our magazine - when mine arrives I can't wait to dive in and soak up all the projects created by our amazing in-house and out-of-house design teams...  And over the two months I am demonstrating the products launched in the issue I turn to it time and time again, showing my fabulous customers everything they can make with the goodies dropped into their baskets and everytime I do that I see something new to get ultra-excited about!!!! What me GET EXCITED about craft?????  Surely NOT!!!!! (Hee Hee!)

Of course on the blogging front "THURSDAY MEANS INSPIRATION!" and this week I have been searching around and have found a variety of different projects from new places to get you crafting this weekend (Though of course if you are in the Southampton area you know where you have to be on Saturday don't you?  Getting excited with me over our new products at Pickwell Farm Shop!)

I found it so hard to whittle the possibilities down to the usual three this evening but eventually managed it.  I'm learning new things everday with my blog and very soon you'll find labels on all my posts so you can find what you're looking for at a glance (thanks Jo Austin for recommending that to me!) and I will make sure my inspiration posts have their own little category so that you can revisit them all anytime you want!!!! 

I'm going to start with a lovely card I actually found today posted at the Stamping Shack by one of the talented design team over there...  I just love the layout of this design and knew that I had to include it.  The arrangement of flowers on the side is a design feature right up my street... appeals to that vintage side of me (one of the many crafty sides I have - I should add here the description crafty doesn't always relate to crafting... you just ask my dad about that!)

Next I have chosen something just a little bit different... I have to say this is something I am desperate to try, especially as I have a huge collection of vintage brooches that I never get round to wearing... but this could be a way I could display them in my home... it's inspired me not just to look at bouquets but potential home decor projects....  And also indulge my love of scouring charity shops for aging bling crying out for a loving new home....

This one is created by Daisy Mae Brooch Bouquets and if you search through her gallery you will discover some truly beautiful creations...

And finally, inspiration-wise lets visit Dies to Die for's Facebook page where they have posted this eye-catching card design... I love the colour combinations... those warm shades always do it for me... I think it they are reminiscent of the decor my mom and dad chose when they owned an old English cottage...  everything was focussed around a lovely autumn palette and I really do believe that things when you were younger do inspire your choices when you grow up...  I also love the delicate corner die detail... I really must give my own delicate designs an airing more frequently!

And now FINALLY I have a little funny thing to share with you - if you follow my facebook page, Becky James, you will know that occasionally something just tickles me and I have to share...  Well tonight I have one of those to leave you with... I'll say night night and look forward to being with you again tomorrow!


  1. You have been a busy bee today Becky - well done on getting Docrafts Craft Room Sorted. xxx

  2. Great cards fab designs love them xxx

  3. Great cards, so much to look at xx


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