Friday, 8 February 2013

A ten minute card...

Well good evening  everyone,

I hope you are all well and maybe even being enjoying a bit of crafty time today... my main focus has been organising things for my demonstration tomorrow at Pickwell Farm and organising and cracking on with some of my design workload....

I've also been waiting with baited breath to see what my "Crafty Blogs" rating would come through as, having been waiting for approval for the past 24 hours.... I have to say I had in my mind - and especially bearing in mind the number of crafting blogs there are out there - something around the 9,999 mark and I'm delighted and rather proud that I am ranked number "1017" in the crafty blogs list.  Now I am sure actually that is pretty low but as I've only been going just over a month and it is WAAAAYYYY better than any of my own expectations I'm pretty darned chuffed with that so I think this evening a celebratory beverage may be required (sadly not alcofrolical as I'm not allowed those) but hey I know a very good none alcoholic sparkling apple juice which is as good tasting as any of the finest ciders I have tasted in my past - so that sounds fine and dandy to me!!!! 

Hey Hey!!! Any excuse for a celebration!

Now the project I am sharing is what I call one of my "ten minute projects" - these usually come into existence when towards the end of a demo the clock is ticking and often take a little bit longer than ten minutes but usually no more than twenty... they often, as in this case, incorporate something made to demonstrate a technique earlier on in the day... So if truth be told from start to finish they may take a little longer than that in real life... 

Anyone who knows me knows that in reality "ten minute cards" don't really exist for me. I dream of being able to put together those gorgeous cards oozing effortless style but my own personal style doesn't travel that path...  But wouldn't the world be a boring place if we were all the same???

Now, many of my lovely customers enjoy sitting down with their stamps and paints or inks and  to colour in a batch of images in readiness for that quick simple card they need in a rush... I love this kind of organisation... I love it, I would love to live this kind of life but I do have to report that sadly I do not!!!  Its that inner organisation-freak just shouting to get out again!

So this design is perfect for those moments.  The stamped and watercoloured image was from a watercolouring tutorial I had done earlier in the afternoon, showing how I tackle this method of colouring myself... I should add right now I am not an artist, as in I can't draw and paint my own images - the green eyed monster tends to raise his head for those who can (though I should tell you that this is in a purely good way!!!)

Towards the end of the day I put the cute little Country Companions bunny together with some matching papers and Papermania Capsule Spots and Stripes collection embellishments just added the finishing touch... along with a little sparkle to the bunny's blushing cheeks!!!  Love a little bit of bling, me!

And voila, here is the finished article!


So that is tonight's little "show and tell" all wrapped up!!!

If you are in the Southampton area do pop along to Pickwell Farm Shop tomorrow where I will be showing you more ways to use our stunning January and February products! 

Until tomorrow night, enjoy your Friday evening and Saturday!
Take care

With Love,


  1. Hi Becky, love this super cute card...the image is so cute and I love the design too hun.
    Hugz, Lorraine xx

  2. Such a cute card, must say I envy people who can do a card in ten minutes and it looks fantastic, sadly I'm not one of them either lol Hope the demo goes well today x


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