Saturday, 9 February 2013

Just GO FOR IT!!!!

Well Dear Readers what an evening!!!

Do you ever have things happen and you just know you really shouldn't have started a task.... I can tell you this evening I shouldn't have started cooking our tea... I heated up the oven ready to cook our scampi (it's one of our treat teas!) which was fine... then I put the scampi in the oven and set the timer for 30 minutes... by the time the alarm sounded hubby and I were hungry, tummies were rumbling and mouths were watering.... so I went in to the kitchen to serve up.... out came said morsels of yumminess only to find they were still freezing cold... Oh yes, numpty here had put them in the top of oven and guess what, it was the bottom oven was piping hot!!!... So into the bottom oven they went...  After more rumblings of tums half an hour later we were ready to wolf down the delicious scampi.... only to find when extracted from the oven the scampi we were ready to pounce on were burnt to a cinder! Now I'm not usually a poor cook and there was a little mitigating circumstance in the background but my hubby did succinctly sum it up by saying that I

"took a culinary creation, added an "M" and turned it into culinary cremation"
And in this case, your honour, I must plead guilty!!!
Now my lovely friend, Tracie, would remind me that this is just further proof of my membership of the "malteser" gang... All malteser gang members will know what I mean by this!
So I am posting tonight a little later than was anticipated... but as they say, and I hope you will agree, better late than never!
Today I had the pleasure of demonstrating at the fabulous Pickwell Farm shop... to me spending a day here is not spending a day in a shop but with friends - Carolyn and Tracie are so much fun!!
We had a busy day and I made some lovely new friends as well as seeing some welcome old friendly faces!
I thought tonight I would share a project created for someone who is a real star and about to embark on a new venture... It also emcompasses one of my favourite crafting beliefs and is maybe one of the tips I hand out most often to crafters who want to be a little more adventurous in their designs but feel nervous of taking that next step... but more of that after you've seen the pictures!
This card features the fabulous Papermania Capsule collection pastel spots and stripes collection which I added blended orange and blue ink to, giving the colours a more grown up feel. Live most of my life with inky fingers do I!!
See what you think of this:
So, what do I mean by "Going for it" when it comes to crafting... well its simple really, if you think of something give it a go... don't hold back... try those clashing papers together...  blend those coloured inks that you think won't go.... layer up those embellishments even if your normal style is clean and simple...  The worst thing that is likely to happen is throwing away a little paper or card... you may happen upon a happy accident, a little touch of magic and serendipity... and you will ALWAYS ALWAYS learn something... Its my approach to crafting, never being afraid to try something new (if any one mentions scrapbooking at this point... well I think we may have over come that fear too YIPPPEEEEE!!)
Go on "Go for it!" - I promise you won't regret it!
Before I close I just want to share with you a lovely treat I had at the end of the day... Carolyn runs some fabulous workshops. I love going to them because they give me some "Me-crafting" time and they are great for socialising with my crafting buddies... but I'm not able to make the March workshop... However, I had fallen in love with the gorgeous key holder that she has planned so my darling bestest boy treated me to the kit to make it...
What a lucky girl I am!!!
So until tomorrow everyone, sleep tight and happy crafting!
With Lots of Love


  1. What a gorgeous card, I love the stars with these papers. Very pretty. xx

  2. Hi Becky oh dear you must have had hungry bellies. Love the card it is gorgeous. Glad you had a good demo day, hope nobody broke their foot LOL x

  3. Oh my, I love your card! And I really love your kit lucky you, but I did giggle when I read your cooking escapades, reminds me of the time I put our tea in the oven went off crafting and well similar ending to yours !!

  4. Sorry about your scampi Sweetie, i once forgot to turn the steames on.... needless to say, dinner ws late.
    Your card is so pretty x

  5. A very clever card. great idea to use the kraft card? with the papers, makes them stand out even more

  6. Gorgeous card the deign, fab papers and the embellies too hun.
    Hugz, Lorraine xx


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