Saturday, 23 February 2013

I've been avoiding this post for a while...

Well good evening one and all - I hope you are having a good weekend and are enjoying a little crafting.... I would LOVE to hear what you have been up to!

You may have noticed that the past few days I haven't posted many of my own creations, though I am getting ready to share with you a whole host of projects created with our lovely new March products ... this is because right at the moment I have a stash of yummy new products that I am working with ready for our May issue of Creativity... but sadly I can't share with you all...

If you want to see a little sneaky peak of a new project you'll be able to see in full in the March issue why not hop over to my facebook page, Becky James, and meet our new girfriend Gorjuss!!!  You'll be able to see a whole range of new projects featuring not only this cute character but other stunning ranges launching in just A FEW DAYS TIME - WOOOOHHHOOOOOO!!!!  You are just going to LOVE the inspiration our talented design team have for you this time round!!!!  

Now, I've had a fabulous day today - I've not been demonstrating so my husband and I took advantage of a Saturday together (a rare occurence)...  On our travels I bought a new outfit which I'm chuffed to bits with - my first pair of size 14 jeans and a size 14 top in about 8 years - got some much needed bits and pieces for our house and enjoyed a rather delicious Dorset cream tea... No crafty treats today but that may well be put right tomorrow...

What has been most unusual is that I haven't thought at all today about what I would chat about tonight - usually all day my brain has been full of what I'm going to chat about but I hope you won't be upset to hear that a full day of quality time with my bestest boy was pretty distracting! 

Anyway, I was chatting away to my friends, Docrafts very own Jo Austin and Katie Skilton , when I arrived homw and it came to me....  I'll share my little crafting haven with you...

I have to tell you right now that these pictures are not a fraudulent misrepresentation of my little piece of crafty heaven because this is not what it looks like at the moment... presently it is in a state I would be way too embarrassed to publish because boxes and bags are strewn everywhere whilst I sort through and clear things out... Much like sale items which have been for sale at their higher price in the last 28 days my craft room has looked like this sometime in the last six months...  and hopefully very soon it will look like this and maybe somewhat tidier because I am freeing up quite large amounts of space in my cupboards!!!!

So here goes, lets show you a little sneaky peak of where I like to be found working, creating and experimenting... when I can get in there that is!


My room is jam packed with crafting bits and pieces as you will see.  Its also a pretty practical room rather than a pretty room... that's because I can be pretty darn messy and I don't want to worry about spilling inks or dropping glitter on the floor..

I'm really lucky because my room is a converted... well actually to be honest rebuilt... garage.  It has fabulous rooflights to grab as much light as possible, even on the darkest days and has about 12 foot of floor-to-ceiling cupboards down one wall - all of which were until very recently completely full!!!

I love to re-use or recycle things if I can so one of my cupboards has three office pigeon hole units banked up on top of each other... I love these!!! There must be over 100 A4 pockets perfect for storing decoupage, A4 papers and cardstock...  It is jam packed with all manner of themes and styles and I can't go wrong when I explore these racks because within there really is something that will suit everyone, no matter who I have to make the project for.  And it is so full that everytime I revisit it I find something I had forgotten I had!

My hubby fitted out all the cupboards for me and set up the worksurface at the perfect height for me to work at.  Because of health issues standing up to work is far more comfortable and everything is custom designed for my every need... he really was a superstar and worked so hard to create my perfect workspace.

Within my cupboards and on the shelves you will find boxes of paints, altered art blanks, card blanks, glitters, friendly plastic, embellishments, stamps, dies, embossing folders, tools - far more of everything than I can probably hope to use but it is my special place, where I forget the rest of the world and time just flies by... and it is from here that I hope to build my dreams...

There are three other things you can easily see from these pictures that tell you about my crafting obsessions. Firstly you will see lots and lots of recycled jam jars which are full of brads, buttons, paper flowers, metal embellishments, card candy, ribbons and other sundry bits and pieces I have picked up during my crafting life.

You will also see another treasured possession.  It's a set of shelves my mom and dad gave me for my birthday a few years ago, specially designed to house all my inks.... Hmmmmm, now you see here is where a slight problem arises... I thought at the time it may just house all my inks and paints... but along with stamps and papers (and yes I admit several other crafting goods) inks and colouring materials are my crafting obsession.  So you can see that the shelves are full... the top of the shelf unit is covered in my sprays and specialist mediums and one other cupboard is COMPLETELY FULL of other pastels, markers, distress inks, pencils, acrylic paints... As I say a bit of an obsession!

The third is the "Tigger" mousemat which was one of the very first pressies my hubby gave me when we first met over ten years ago - so again another treasured item.

And finally there is a little bit behind these pictures which you can't see... located there is my sewing table and soon will be set up my little photography "studio" (for which I have acquired some props on my travels today). And finally there is a HUGE pinboard that takes up most of the wall.  On it is pinned inspirations, information, templates, pictures - and like my pigeon hole units is reclaimed from an office move and would otherwise have found their way to landfill... I have been able to give them a new and much loved lease of life!!!

I love this room - I feel comfortable and at peace here... and it is where my inspiration and creativity is at its best...

So what do you think of my space?  Do you like it?  What are your crafty spaces like and what do they say about you??? I'd love to know!!!

So that's it for this evening...
Until tomorrow!

Lots of Love


  1. I Love your area, and it does you good to spend Quality time with family and I am so glad you enjoyed it xx Tracyxx

  2. Thank you for sharing your little slice of heaven with us Becky, I wish I could say that I have a craft room but sadly, I do however have a craft cupboard which is crammed to the rafters..bit of a pain when i want to lay my hands on a particular item i can tell you, I have also taken over the top of every wardrobe in our home and wondeer where I might invade next.buying craft stash really is an addiction but one that definately isn't painful although, my bank balance might disagree :)

  3. Hello, wow I love your space. I have a small desk in my lounge as I live in a flat so not much room, but my space is my own so can't complain. Lisa :)

  4. I wish my crafting space look as neat, my craft room is a guest room and I have to clear everything away when the grandchildren come to stay and then usually forget where everything is!! The wall units are a great idea and your space looks very light and airy.

    Sylvia xx
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