Friday, 22 February 2013

A Grand Opening!!!

Hi Everyone....

Brrrrrrr isn't it chilly at the moment?????  Perfect reason to stay in my warm cosey home playing with crafty gorgeousness today!!!

Its been a very productive day and that is because I had a little treat for myself if I managed to work my way through today's "To Do" list.... 

Every couple of month's I do this.... Make a deal with myself that I will allow myself to open my newest demo kit ONLY when all my chores are done!!!!!  It's a sure fire way of making sure those jobs I really don't want to do are crossed off as soon as possible!!!

I thought that today you would like to share in the excitement of opening my kit box up with me....

It's full of yummy new ranges that you will be seeing demonstrated at your local Docrafts demonstrations in March and April...  And I hope that I will see a few of you myself over coming weeks... 

So fill your boots with lots of crafting scrumptiousness... (there's a little more on its way and I'll make sure you see that too as soon as it's with me!) 

Ever since I opened up the box my ideas note book has been permanently to hand and I've been jotting down designs and layouts ready to get creating just as soon as I can... And I can't wait to share my latest makes with you!!!!

So looking at my layers of goodies what catches your eye?

Until tomorrow!

Lots of Love

PS. Sorry the pictures aren't as clear as I would like but there were three problems... (1) the light was fading; (2) I was using my iphone and being an older model the camera is';t the best with low light levels and (3) and probably most importantly I was dying to dive in to see what more temptations were to be found beneath each layer that I took the quickest of snaps before disappearing further into the box.... infact I was so lost in exploring I'm surprised Mr J didn't have to dive in and pull me out when he arrived home!!!

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  1. I'm loving this new range :-) But then again, I'm a sucker for the FF range. All aboard is fun too and went down really well at demo last weekend. I've posted some cards on my blog, would love to know what you think. We docrafts demo fab ladies should stick together :-) Have a great weekend x


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