Friday, 15 February 2013

Questions and Answers!!!

Hi Everyone...

I hope you have all been enjoying glorious sunshine wherever you are today...

It has been a fabulous day here at the James' estate and I am looking forward to even more sunshine over the weekend (that's if the weatherman can be believed!)  Sunshine so lifts the spirits don't you think?  I love days like today, with a little crisp, fresh, cold air to kill off a few bugs - perfect for wrapping up awarm in a cuddly coat, gloves, scarf and hat and going for a walk to blow the cobwebs away....

Well today you may be surprised to hear that I am not going to be chatting too much here...

That is because I have been chatting instead to a lovely, lovely lady that I have had the pleasure of getting to know in recent months... we've actually only met once but over time we sure have chatted alot and I can in all honesty say she has become such a special friend... we share a love of all things crafty and what more wonderful a way could there be of creating treasured friendships??? 

The lady in question is Katie Skilton and I have enjoyed seeing her crafting career and profile bloom over recent months...  She is not only a talented crafter, but designs the most gorgeous little digi-stamps.  She is a fellow Docrafts Creativity Club Design Team member, has appeared on Ideal World - which I know from my own experience is such an enjoyable experience - and I look forward to seeing her go from strength to strength over 2013!

Now a couple of weeks ago she sent me a set of questions to answer as a guest post on her blog and today that has been published... The questions made me think, remember, laugh and at one stage, I have to admit cry a wee bit... I wonder if you can work out which question it was that did that....  

And now having read her introduction to my post and her kind and generous comments I am also blushing!!!!

Katie has chosen some of her favourite designs from my blog and facebook page to illustrate the post and I have to say I think she has chosen some of my favourites too!

So the purpose of today's post is to ask you to learn a little more about me by heading over and reading what I had to say.  You can do that by

Then when you have done that take a little time to explore the rest of Katie's wonderful website...  You'll find inspiring projects and fabulous posts to read...
And then after that hop over to the Stamping Shack and bag yourself some gorgeous digi stamps!!! I've got a lovely selection here waiting for me to create some beautiful projects ready for another more creative guest post in coming weeks and I just can't choose my favourite - I bet you won't be able to either!!!!
So until tomorrow lovely crafters and followers!
With Lots of Love

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  1. What a lovely guest post Becky I am now following Kate's Blog. I want to say to you too we have only met once but we have lots in common with our crafty minds and I class you as one of my new found friends and hopefully we can meet again soon for a chat and a bite to


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