Monday, 11 March 2013

Double the Trouble...

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Can I just say hello and thank you to all my lovely followers and readers.... I have received so many lovely comments from so many directions saying how many of you are enjoying reading my (mainly) daily thoughts from beneath my paper stack...  I am as ever thoroughly amazed that you take the time to do so but I it makes me incredibly happy that you find it amusing and inspirational...

It has been a busy few weeks so I haven't had much time to play around with the look of my blog though I know I need to change some things around and find a different background.  I have more features coming soon aswell - I'm playing around with a few ideas for some interesting new additions to the blog and also hoping to bring some fabulous new and inspirational crafters to you sometime over the next month. You may have noticed I've also added a few little pages across the top of the blog. They are pretty white and blank at the mo but you will soon be finding these being populated with details of my demos, links to websites and blogs I just KNOW you will want to visit and other little snippets of information you might find useful!

I hope you have all had a good start to the week!!! I have to tell you that here at James' Towers, right as I speak it is blowing an absolute hoolie!!!!  You would think with the sound of the wind whipping round our little house at the top of the hill, the flakes of snow still falling and the bitter bitter chill that we were living in the arctic circle!!!

But I have to say much as I love the snow on this occasion I am very very happy that today the wind seems to have stopped it from settling.... Why????  Well its a travel-filled day tomorrow, meeting my parents for belated birthday and Mother's Day celebrations and I have to say as I haven't seen them since Christmas I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  It is going to be a day filled with spoiling my lovely mom - infact I am sat next to the HUGEST pile of goodies and a big tin filled with brownies ready to shower on her (not literally though because some gifts are pretty heavy and I don't want to injure her)!!!

After that we then start organising and preparing to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday in style!  He doesn't want a fuss - little does he know we intend to make sure its a really special day!!!

So with tomorrow in mind I must make a "Public Service Announcement" and inform you that transmission will be temporarily disrupted for tomorrow night.  As you can imagine time is pretty precious tomorrow - not only that be we are a family of general chit-chatters (now you know where I get it from) so I may not return until quite late!!! However, you should be able to receive normal reception again on Wednesday night.

I didn't want to leave you though without plenty of inspiration to keep you going over the next two days!! I thought then that I would give you a double helping of one of my favourite techniques - paper piecing.

Papermania have launched three gorgeous new urban stamps, the line art of which make them perfect for this style of project, which is a great way to use those scraps of paper we crafters are so adept at hoarding!!!  There are three adorable characters - an owl, sausage dog and birdy!   When I pointed you in the direction of Beckie Dreyer's blog last Thursday in my inspiration post you will have seen the gorgeous paper pieced card she made with the owl stamp.  My designs use the other two stamps. Designed at my last two demos, they incorporate the beautiful shades and patterns of the double sided Kraft Notes designstax...

I'd love to know what you think...

So until Wednesday night - stay warm and safe!

Lots of Love

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