Friday, 20 June 2014

Shorter hair.... Better for the environment, better for crafting????

Ok before I go any further I first want to say that this post really is very tongue in cheek and I'm afraid to say that it does show my brain will work in weird and wonderful ways when let loose.... I also want to add there is no scientific method or research associated with this - just me musing on life in general.... I do that occasionally. Generally it is at this point that Mr J often takes cover - that or disappears to the relative peace & calm of his shed!!! Infact as I type his at the end of the garden sorting the compost bin...

Now it all began with a comment Mr J made earlier about how quick it was to wash my newly chopped hair - I've attached a piccie here but as I'm just getting used to the Blogger app I actually have no idea where it will appear on the post so just scroll up and down until you find it!!! As you can see it is slightly shorter than my hair in the picture taken in Torquay last year that is my profile picture on the blog!!!! 

It's actually a very clever hair cut by my lovely hairdresser, Beth, at the White Rooms in Southampton. Beth listens to you and she understands that I can't hold a hair-dryer for long these days so has cut my hair to give me two fab hair styles in one - tuck behind the ears and add a little product to the volume for a cool, funky casual look for the day or let the long sides fall around the sides of my face for a lovely Art Deco 1920s bob for the evening... Added to which it is sopping wet to perfect in 5 minutes (LITERALLY with no exaggeration) AND she is just THE loveliest young girl to boot... If you want to try a hairdresser in Southampton I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Anyway I digress - nothing new there.... Mr J's comments got me thinking about the other benefits of my new shorter barnet.... Ecologically there are several - as I say no scientific back up just my own anecdotal evidence and maybe I'm just taking the mickey out myself a little here:

(1) Amount of shampoo required - vastly reduced!!!! Good for our water supplies....
(2) Amount our water used to rinse hair - vastly reduced!!!! Also good for our water supplies....
(3) Amount of electricity required to run hairdyer to dry said hair style - time reduced by 80% = vastly reduced!!!! Good for our energy requirements....

Moving onto other things - as my brain tends to - I guess this then means that my short hair must be good for our wallets!!!

(1) Amount of shampoo, conditioner and other hair products  required - vastly reduced!!!! Spending on said products lower = Good for our bank balances....
(2) Amount our water used to rinse hair - vastly reduced!!!! We are metered so good for our wallets
(3) Amount of electricity required to run hairdyer to dry said hair style - time reduced by 80% = vastly reduced!!!! Lower energy bills and more money in our accounts.... 

Now what many people don't know is that I'm actually a women of two halves really!!!! (No rude comments please!). If you chopped my heart in half it would have "crafter" written through it in swirly whirly writing a bit like a stick of Blackpool rock.... My brain however would say "scientist" in a nice easy to read font - Helvetica for instance.... After all my first love as a youngster was numbers and this resulted in a first class degree in Mathematical Sciences (an endeavour that involved reasonable amounts of study and prodigious quantities of alcohol - but that's another story and not for this post).... And it was this part of me that spotted a trend and formulated the following theorem:

Shorter hair is not only environmentally friendly but it also frees up more time and leads to more available income.... the time can be used for more crafting and the money can be spent on more crafting stash.

In conclusion I would like to publish the following as the Becky James first law of relativity:

(With an addendum that all benefits to the bank balance can be netted off by the craft stash spend quotient)

And that is the end of today's musings on life. I rest my case and thank you for listening!!!

Have a fabulous sunny weekend and happy doing whatever your doing to enjoy it!!

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