Friday, 11 July 2014

Product reveal #2... Oh and a project :0)!!!!

And Hi there everyone - I do hope you  are all well and this week has treated you well...

It's been a somewhat busy week here at James towers... So many things to sort out. we are having a mass clear out, the craft room clear out is well under way with lots and lots being gathered together to pass on to others who can make good use of them and magazine work that needed completing...

I have to say it's been an altogether busy week which has resulted in me flaking out a little in the evenings.... But I've also missed getting on here to chat to you.... There is something so utterly compelling about blogging and not just that I love to talk to you all wherever you are... Don't you just think that is one of the amazing things about the internet... You make friends so far and wide, people who you may never have met any other way... I know just how important it has been to me and it really is lovely to have you here with me :0)

Well I have a few pictures and a project here to share with you today 

I just know from all my lovely Facebook followers just how much they enjoy seeing me opening all my demo boxes as they arrive - my "demo kit reveals" are my way of sharing with you all those crafting goodies you can get your little creative mitts on over the next couple of months...

This time round I have some lovely new goodies including the two new goody bags - in July we have some fabulous everyday products in one (sooooooo pretty this year - I do love beautiful vintage things) and the other is a taster pack for those of you already thinking of those all important Christmas cards!!! 

So here are my reveal pictures - get a load of this yumminess!!!! (Apologies for the photo quality - I don't know why I'm struggling with my iPad this week - normally it's fab :0) )

And now for a little bit of goody bag goodness!!!!

 The Christmas goody bag

 The every day goody bag

Now because a lot of my time is spent at the moment working through clearing our house as it is a rather large refurbishment project - Oh yes and getting my work studio ready for seeing me a little more frequently than it does at the moment - I'm not creating as much as I would like at present so thank goodness for my lovely demo days.... I do enjoy catching up with all you lovely lovely people out there on those days and it gives me an opportunity to flex my artistic grey cells.

So last week I was demonstrating at This is it! in Poole and had so much fun giving an impromptu basic stamping and ink blending tutorial!!!! Two of my absolute favourite things!

If you look in the Christmas goody bag picture you may spot a Christmas stamp, papers and ribbon bows... Add a little ink and this is what the result was...

I think almost everyone who knows me is aware that my crafting style is pretty cluttered - a little like my life I guess (they do say art mimics life) -  but I kept this design really simple so that the central panel was not overpowered by anything else.

Here are a couple of close ups:

It's a perfect mass production card really so if you have lots to make you could go with this kind of design... Make all the centre panels, cover all the cards with paper, plonk all the centre panels on the card, address your envelops, write your cards, post away....

Wow what a lot of piccies on here today!

Well, I'm now heading back in my craft room but I will be back out chatting to you all soon... Mind you if you do start to think I may have become lost in there a rescue party would be appreciated.

Take care all of you, thank you for reading and do say hello!!!


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