Saturday, 5 July 2014

Big Blog Shout Out #2 - noted

Now let's get something straight before I go much further - I've know the authoress of this blog for - give or take a little bit of time - 9 years. It's beyond me where that time has gone. She would probably tell you the first thing she remembers about me is that I used to sit on a gym ball (which at the time was about the only thing in life I could sit on after one of my "falling down the stairs" episodes) - I now have a more portable cushion version which isn't quite so memorable.  9 years on I consider myself incredibly lucky to call Katy not just a lovely colleague but a true friend.

Over the years she has proved to be a crafting inspiration to me - whilst it takes me hours to design my projects I have sat in awe watching Katy put together fantastic cards and scrapbook pages in what always seems a matter of merely minutes - though I do recall a somewhat challenging party themed layout!!! I have loved afternoons sat with Katy & Emma Collins working in the craft room at docrafts HQ on magazine projects laughing, generating masses of creative energy and producing fabulous projects for Creativity magazine.  

More recently she has been an incredible inspiration in a different way. I would say Katy has been on an amazing journey of her own the past year and I have to say it shows testimony to her own self will and determination.  Somewhere along the way she and another fabulous friend, Beckie Dreyer - I have to say this post is littered with namedrops of incredibly talented women - introduced me to an app on my iPad I can't live without now.  Since I turned 40 and my health has deteriorated I have struggled to lose weight - I've been up and down like a yoyo, but seeing the complete turnaround that Katy and Beckie  have achieved I have been committed to following the app and so far I too have lost 9 pounds in less than six weeks (just another 2.5 stone to go!!!) and my eating habits have changed completely - except for the little bit of chocolate each night. Believe me when I tell you Katy has made awe inspiring changes!!! As a result I'm now even searching for physics or p.t's that know my condition and help me put together special exercises to help keep the legs working- I won't be able to match Katy's feats but seeing the differences in her lifestyle I HAVE to try to do what I can!!!!

And more recently Katy has offered support, understanding, advice and has helped me make a pretty difficult decision without judgement or thought for her own needs within our working environment. She isn't just a colleague you see - she is a friend....

Moving to Katy's blog "Noted" - well what can is say other than this is a true "lifestyle" blog!!! It's a firm favourite on my blogloving feed.  Here you will learn more about her life changing journey over the past year and read as she tells you more about her latest obsession running - she's had fun reviewing some must have gadgets as well for the avid runner along the way.  One thing that I know rates highly on her best friend list is her "fitbit" - we've chatted about it a few times and I'm so tempted but just at the minute I'm not certain if I might have to wait a bit ;0)

But running and losing so much weight it's unreal ( she looks AMAZING!) aside what other delights might you read about on Katy's blog.  Recent posts include: 

fabulous pictures from Marwell Zoo (I seriously NEED that lens and a ticket to Marwell Zoo)

her fundraising efforts in this year's "race for life"

reviews of her monthly "Glossy box" beauty goodies - and knowing how much she loves a trip to Boots for some yummy pampering treats this has to be good - in fact I must chase up my promised invite - you want those extra reward points Katy don't you???

Crafting inspiration and tales from docrafts HQ - I loved her weekly colour inspiration earlier this year.  I keep going back to them when I need ideas for my own crafting projects.

Chooks (numerous - if I remember rightly the last count was around 40 - and very varied and many rescued.) Infact she has even been hatching eggs herself this year.... How I would love the space in my little garden for my own rescue chickens. Katy is just a smallholder in the making!!!

Woofs (two gorgeous and adorable newfies) I'm already wondering what the picture will be on this year's Christmas card!

Healthy cooking - there are a couple of amazing pancake recipes there to try... Yummmmmmmm!

And I even know of a little post on there from last year in which I get a mention (and even a distant photograph!) when we were filming creativity tv - it's part of my job I absolutely love!!! It's hard work, takes about four or five days prep plus a days filming but it's so much fun to do!!!

So let me invite you to go and have a read by clicking on the link above.  There is so much variety you can never ever be bored and just like me I'm sure you will find her story an inspiration too!

Don't forget to pop "Noted" on you bloglovin feed and stay up to date with all her adventures and remember to say hello.

Well it's now 1.40am on Sunday morning - Mr J and I have had a mini adventure of our own this evening (lost property involved!) and I'm not sleepy but think it's time to try to drop off to sleep. Mr J is gently snuffling in his sleep beside me which, after a couple of restless night's from me keeping him awake, I'm really pleased about.

Night night dear readers and I'll speak to you all very very soon
Happy Sunday - chill out and enjoy what is left of the weekend.

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