Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Great British Craft Room Clear Out!!!

There is a revolution underway at James' towers.... It's pretty essential to be quite honest with you. I think the pictures below will probably tell the tale better than any words, but hey oh I like to chat so here we go - publishing them makes me want to cringe with embarrassment but then it will also probably demonstrate just what a craft junkie I am!!! (I blush with shame as I think about it)

However, I do also aim to provide a service - and it would seem when I posted these pictures on my FB page ( that I was successful... That is to say, should you need to convince your OH that your crafting space REALLY ISN'T THAT BAD all you need do is to share this post with them and they will be eternally grateful that it is you who is the crafter in their life and not me... And probably they will sympathise profusely with the ever patient (well most of the time) Mr J.... 


The main problem with all of this is there is just too much (I am completely and utterly ashamed to say I am a hoarder by nature) and the clear out is currently underway with a vow this will become a six monthly activity... Of course the side effects are too numerous to mention 

- I don't know where to start with a new project
- I don't actually know exactly what I have to make a new project with
- I can't move in my craft room
- I don't have any room to create 
- I can't think to create

The clear out is also paramount for another reason I can't divulge just at the moment! (Lips are zipped)

I won't lie - it's taking time!!! So far I've tackled only one double cupboard full of pigeon holes saved from the skip at mr J's office and would you believe filled two boxes with things to get rid of... It's all older items or things I've doubled up on... Tools that have been updated with newer things or that I just don't use anymore....

Of course, there is a joyful side to clearing out your craft space - that rediscovery of a long lost "friend" or that piece of must have stash you actually completely forgot you had - that kind of thing does make me smile! 

There is one area of my craft room that seems to have intrigued people and that is my collection of inks of many colours and formats and all my specialist mediums - most of which are happily stored in the fabulous ink storage shelves my parents bought me for a birthday present a few years ago.  I will admit that a few have escaped to other areas of the room but for anyone thinking they may like to covet a few of the items, this is one little section of my studio which will be escaping the chop!

People do ask me what happens to all my surplus goodies... Well they get distributed around between children of friends of the family and groups doing great work who need supplies.  Nothing goes to waste and all receive an appreciative home. And I love that I can spread the crafting bug to others... Nothing makes me happier.

So the next time I write to you about my craft room I will have learnt to be ruthless, the cull will have been completed and there should be free space on the floor and the work surfaces.... And more than anything I should be able to create!!!

Well I will close for now - whatever you are up to have loads of fun and make sure you get creating soon!!! 

Take care

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