Saturday, 28 June 2014

July/ August demonstrations - kit reveal #1

Good evening dear readers,

Well what a lovely day Mr J and I have had today having pictures taken as we celebrate our 10th year of marriage with the lovely Lou Jolley as our photographer. We have been so very very lucky aswell with the weather - it was like we were in our own little climatic zone with pouring rain surrounding our little pocket of sunshine!!! But I don't want to give away too much as I'll be telling you all about this in a future post owhen we get out photos back... I can't tell you how excited I am to see them!!! Lou will also be featuring in one of my upcoming Big Blog Shout Outs so keep you peepers peeled to find out more about this lovely lady then :0) 

But for tonight well I thought I would pull one of my most popular crafty features from my Facebook page over onto the blog now that we are here chatting to each other on a regular basis.  I know how much so many of you like taking a little peek into my demo kit box as I open it up to explore what goodies we will be demonstrating with for our next set of demos :0)

I am always so excited to see just what surprises docrafts have in store for us and it really is like having Christmas Day every two months... Though this time round I have to be honest and say it will be like having Christmas Day twice more over the next month as I have a few more exciting goodies coming my way. So I hope you will join me for another kit reveal coming up.... But, well, for this first one I have a few lovely stash must haves for you to feast your eyes on.... Which items are you most looking forward to getting your crafty mitts on eh?  I love to know what you will be racing to put in your baskets - I can't help it, I get as excited about what others are buying as what I treat myself to in my own craft retail therapy trips.... A few of my crafty friends and I swop photos of what we have purchased on our little jaunts and I have to say I can never wait to see what they make with their new toys.... And it's amazing how often I see new must have things that I really never knew I did need ;0)

So here we go, enjoy tonight's reveal and start planning your new additions to your favourite hobby .

Night night and we'll chat again soon :0) 

And that's all folks for night 😊 xx

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