Thursday, 7 March 2013

Do come along and be inspired!!!!

Well, everyone.... I have a question to ask you??? 

Do you know where this week has gone because I am SURE I don't!!!!  What I can tell you is that it has been VERY busy and productive... And because of that I say YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

Now incase you hadn't noticed and like for me it had crept up from behind and made you jump, it's Thursday... and on my blog that means its time for a little inspiration to get you crafting this weekend...

Tonight I have been searching through a whole host of websites and facebook pages to bring you inspiration from around the world... As always these are NOT my own creations but they sure have lit my crafty light bulb!!! (see thought bubble with  flashing light bulb floating over my head!)

I have to say that this selection is a real mix of ideas... jewellery, papercrafting and something that I'm not really sure how to describe it except its just cute!

So let's get started....

My first two pictures are taken from Romantically Vintage's facebook page.  They are the sweetest little beaded heart (and this is seriously easy to make!) and the cutest little fairy dust bottles....  Both could be adapted for weddings and the latter could also be used for princess parties or other little girl party favours!!! 

Take a look and see what you think...

This evening I also want to introduce you to a lovely, and well awesomely talented, crafter who I really do feel honoured to call a good friend of mine.  Many of you will know her as one of our design team at Docrafts, working on Creativity Magazine and appearing on Creativity TV.  She is also a new member to the Docrafts Creativity Club design team.

Her name is Beckie Dreyer and I really do urge you to hop over and follow her blog by clicking here.  I am constantly in awe of the gorgeous designs she produces, working on a variety of global design teams and I have to say in a VERY VERY good way I am a teency weency jealous of her talent....  You know I mean that as a compliment Beckie!!!!

I've pulled out a project she has recently posted on her blog which I think is fabulous - I just love those colours....  But whilst you are there look the post after which shows you a stunning paper pieced project created using the new Papermania Owl Urban Stamp!!!! 


Well, one and all, I must dash....  I have a multitude of cards to make and get in the post ready for my mom's birthday AND Mother's day this weekend, a large selection of crafting goodness to store away from the past couple of week's of magazine designing and a kit to get ready for my Demonstration on Saturday at the Materials Craft Bank in Portsmouth.  Mr J is off out for a drink with his Uni pals so I will aim to get as much done as I can!!!

Until tomorrow when I will share a pretty new design with you, have a lovely evening!

Lots of Love

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